Albania anti-government protestors call for resignation of prime minister News
Pudelek, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Albania anti-government protestors call for resignation of prime minister

Opposition supporters in Albania Saturday took part in anti government protests in opposition of Prime Minister Edi Rama. During the demonstrations, protestors were seen congregating by the main government building and throwing smoke bombs as they called for Rama to resign as prime minister. Supporters of the political opposition have accused Rama of manipulation and corruption, as well as condemning his methods of handling the nation’s economy.

Among the protestors involved in the demonstration were former political figures and party leaders Ali Berisha and Ilir Meta. Meta, former president of Albania and leader of the left-wing Freedom Party, has previously called for the resignation of the ruling leader of the center-left Socialist Party. In a recent statement issued in January, Meta accused Rama of trying to “undo the rule of law and secure corrupt profits for himself and his associates.” Now, commenting on his social media in regard to the protests, Meta said:

Edi Rama replaced the process of European integration in the process of corrupting some international officials. His departure is a necessity for the European future that Albanian citizens deserve.

Meta also accused Rama of being the main cause of the increased numbers of Albanian emigrants who have been “expel[led]  . . . from their homeland,” labelling this as another reason to encourage his resignation.