UK lawyers call for a ‘special tribunal’ for crimes of aggression in Ukraine News
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UK lawyers call for a ‘special tribunal’ for crimes of aggression in Ukraine

The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Friday called for the UK to back a special tribunal for the crimes of aggression in Ukraine. The office focuses on charitable and pro bono work, emphasizing global education.

The statement called on the UK because of its “global influence and historic leadership on human rights issues.” The statement also proposed that the tribunal be based on the same principles that guided the allies in WWII to draft a declaration against Nazi Germany for its war crimes. In addition, the tribunal would draw on international law, which “enshrines aggression as a criminal offense” and constitute what the Nuremberg trials termed the “supreme international crime.” Additionally, the statement noted that support for the tribunal is currently supported by over 150 “leading international lawyers and world leaders.”

The International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot exercise jurisdiction over the crime of aggression because Russia could veto the investigation. Russia is not a state that is party of the court by statute of the court. The proposed tribunal would have jurisdiction over international crimes related to aggression against Ukraine. ICC prosecutors have been investigating and documenting other war crimes in Ukraine.

On Thursday, Ukraine dismissed a call by Russian President Vladimir Putin for an Orthodox Christmas ceasefire.