Russian missile kills estimated 30 people in apartment building strike News
Russian missile kills estimated 30 people in apartment building strike

A Russian missile hit an apartment building in Dnipro, Ukraine on Saturday, according to Ukrainian authorities. In an address to the Ukrainian people on Saturday evening, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed the attack and reported that the casualties had already risen to 30, including the death of one 15-year-old girl.

The State Emergency Service, police and the National Guard cleared the rubble on Sunday. Zelenskyy gave special mention to utility services, volunteers and other Dnipro citizens who are aiding in the recovery. The apartment building was nine stories tall and housed 72 apartments. The missile hit the entrance to the building.

More than 30 people who may have been inside the apartment building at the time of the strike are still missing, despite the dozens of people and six children who have already been recovered from the debris. Officials report that that two children have been orphaned thus far, and 75 people have been injured, including 14 children.

Zelenskyy commented, “Evil is very sensitive to cowardice. Evil always remembers those who fear it or try to bargain with it. And when it comes after you, there will be no one to protect you.”

He announced that his government will implement further sanctions against Russian citizens and “other persons who help terror.” A list of almost 200 sanction recipients has been compiled by the Ukrainian government and will be released to the public with a list of personal restrictions soon.