12000 men have tried to flee Ukraine martial law since Russian invasion News
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12000 men have tried to flee Ukraine martial law since Russian invasion

Ukraine’s State Border Service Friday reported 12,000 men have tried to illegally leave the country with 15 casualties following the imposition of martial law and general mobilization orders in response to the Russian invasion. Of the 15 casualties, there are 12 cases of drowning recorded in the river section of the Ukrainian-Romanian border, and another three bodies of dead men found in the mountains.

The report also provided details about the criminal proceedings carried out against people aiding and abetting illegal escape. 950 people have been charged with falsification of documents, evasion of the draft and illegal transportation. The government has already prosecuted more than 350 people of that figure.

The report also revealed  410 “futile attempts” to bribe border guards in an amount exceeding 4.9 million Ukraine hryvnia–equivalent to almost $133,000.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky first imposed martial law on February 24, 2022, the day of the Russian invasion. The law provides for general mobilization through the “introduction of compulsory labor in able-bodied persons” by the military and restrictions on the freedom of movement of citizens. Zelensky has extended martial law three times. The first time was in May, then again in August and finally again in November. The latest extension of martial law will last until February 19.