Afghanistan dispatch: 21 men and women sentenced to lashing today in Kabul Dispatches
Afghanistan dispatch: 21 men and women sentenced to lashing today in Kabul

Law students and lawyers in Afghanistan are filing reports with JURIST on the situation there after the Taliban takeover. Here, a Staff Correspondent for JURIST in Kabul reports that more than 20 men and women convicted of crimes were sentenced to lashings in Kabul on Thursday. For privacy and security reasons, we are withholding our Correspondent’s name. The text has only been lightly edited to respect the author’s voice.

After the Taliban Supreme Leader ordered all judicial and prosecution agencies of Afghanistan to implement Had and Qesas [corporal punishments under Sharia law], their Supreme Court has announced that this group has sentenced 21 men and women to lashing in Kabul today. According to the Supreme Court of the Taliban this group of men and women had been held in prisons for theft, wine sale, and involvement in sexual activities.

The Taliban’s director to the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court also confirmed the implementation of Had and told local media that the sentences were in compliance with the Sharia law and the principles of the Islamic rules and regulations. Furthermore, it was reported that another two men and one woman were publicly lashed in Samangan province of the country. No court or prosecution provided any information whatsoever on whether these young men and were given the right to free and impartial trials.

There are a number of reports and concerns that no one sentenced to such harsh punishment was given the right to defend themselves during the court trials of the Taliban. Public shaming and implementing such harsh punishment requires evidence and witnesses.