Proposed Ohio bill would limit gender affirming procedures for minors News
Proposed Ohio bill would limit gender affirming procedures for minors

A new bill Wednesday introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives would limit medical care for transgender children under 18. The bill, House Bill 454, is called the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act.

The bill’s primary co-sponsors are Representatives Gary Click and Diane Grendell. The bill makes it illegal for medical health professionals to provide gender transition procedures to anyone under 18. It also makes it unlawful for medical professionals to refer minors to a doctor for gender transition procedures. The bill defines gender transition procedures as any surgery or prescription drug related to gender transition. The bill also does not allow school staff to encourage minors to withhold their perception that their gender is inconsistent with their sex from their parents or legal guardians.

Additionally, the bill provides that citizens can sue for actual or threatened violations of the bill. The Ohio Attorney General is also authorized to bring actions to enforce the bill. Finally, the bill states that public funds are not to be used for minor gender transition procedures, the procedures are not tax deductible, and medical assistance under Medicaid shall not include the procedures.

Earlier this year, the Ohio House passed a bill prohibiting transgender girls and women from participating on women’s high school and college athletic teams.