Former Georgia state deputies arrested and charged for beating inmate News
Ichigo121212 / Pixabay
Former Georgia state deputies arrested and charged for beating inmate

Three former Georgia Sheriff’s Deputies who were employed in Camden County, Georgia Tuesday were arrested for their involvement in the September beating of a Black man detained at the Camden County Detention Center. Director for Georgia’s Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Mike Register announced the arrest of the three former Georgia sheriff’s deputies–Mason Garrick, Braxton Massey, and Ryan Biegel. The men were arrested on charges of battery and violating oath of office.

During the the press release Register stated that the other deputies involved in the beating are also under investigation and the GBI will determine whether or not bring further action at a later date. Register stated that while the video “shocks the conscience” of the regular civilian, it is important that he gather all the facts before taking further action.

GBI is investigating the officers involvement in the beating Jarret Hobbs. As an inmate, Hobbs was housed at the Camden County Detention Center. During his time at the facility, officers determined that Hobbs behavior justified him being moved from an isolation cell. During the removal, the altercation in question occurred.

Hobbs’ attorney released three videos capturing the altercation. The first two videos released do not have audio, however the videos depict Hobbs alone in his cell. One video, which is from inside the cell, shows an officer grabbing Hobbs around the neck. Two other officers then join in while in the cell with Hobbs and start throwing punches. Another video shows the altercation from a camera outside the cell. In this video you see the men go into the cell. 45 seconds after entering the cell, the video shows Hobbs being thrown into the hallway where the men continue to be physical with Hobbs. The third video released has sound. Within the first few seconds two loud bangs are heard, followed by the officers walking down the hall. In the video, once Hobbs is in the hallway, someone say “stop resisting.” Later someone says, “Let go.”

Hobbs is currently in custody in North Carolina.