UK dispatch: King Charles III meets with new PM Sunak after final Truss remarks before transfer of power Dispatches
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UK dispatch: King Charles III meets with new PM Sunak after final Truss remarks before transfer of power

James Ekin is a UK staff correspondent for JURIST.

Liz Truss made her final statement outside Downing Street at 10am UK time on 25th October 2022. In her statement outside the famous facade of Downing Street she said:

“It has been a huge honour to be Prime Minister of this great country, in particular, to lead the nation in mourning the death of her late Majesty the Queen after 70 years of service and welcoming the session of His Majesty King Charles III. In just a short period, this government has acted urgently and decisively on the side of hard working families and businesses. We reversed the National Insurance increase we helped millions of households with their energy bills and help thousands of businesses avoid bankruptcy. We are taking back our energy independence. So we are never again beholden to global market fluctuations or malign foreign powers. From my time as Prime Minister, I am more convinced than ever, that we need to be bold and confront the challenges that we face. As the Roman philosopher, Seneca wrote, ‘it’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare is because we do not dare that they are difficult'”

She went on to say: “We simply cannot afford to be a low growth country where the government takes up an increasing share of our national wealth and whether a huge divides between different parts of our country we need to take advantage of our Brexit freedoms, to do things differently. This means delivering more freedom for our own citizens and restoring power to democratic institutions. It means lower taxes so people can keep more of the money that they earn. It means delivering growth that will lead to more job security, higher wages, and greater opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

“Democracies must be able to deliver for their own people. We must be able to out-compete autocratic regimes where power lies in the hands of a few. And now more than ever, we must support Ukraine in their brave fight against Putin’s aggression. Ukraine must prevail and we must continue to strengthen our nation’s defences. That’s what I have been striving to achieve. And I wish Rishi Sunak every success for the good of our country. I want to thank you, (referring to her family) Francis, Liberty, my family and friends and all the team at Number 10 for their love, friendship and support. I also want to thank my protection team. I look forward to spending more time in my constituency and continuing to serve southwest Norbert from the back benches. Our country continues to battle through a storm. But I believe in Britain, I believe in the British people. And I know that brighter days lie ahead. Thank you.”

After that Truss traveled to Buckingham Palace for her final audience with King Charles III before the King asks Rishi Sunak to form a Government. The constitutional process will take centre stage whilst politics comes to a halt momentarily for the peaceful transfer of power between Liz Truss and the incoming Prime Minister.

The constitutional formality at Buckingham Palace is a reminder that in the United Kingdom the Monarch is the Head of State and Prime Ministers serve as Head of Government, not just at the King’s pleasure, but at the pleasure of that point of holding the majority of opinion within the House of Commons. The King is, in essence, the Executive of the nation, but always on the advice of the Cabinet. And so once the formality has been done, and the burden of responsibility is over, the king will then call in anybody else that the former Prime Minister has invited to come to Him, and The King will receive them.

Rishi Sunak will be King Charles III’s second Prime Minister.