Pennsylvania Republicans file articles of impeachment against Philadelphia DA News
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Pennsylvania Republicans file articles of impeachment against Philadelphia DA

Republican members of the Pennsylvania State House Wednesday filed articles of impeachment against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. State Representative Martina White, the only Republican legislator from Philadelphia, is the lead sponsor of the resolution.

The House referred the resolution to the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning. The committee has not yet scheduled its next meeting to potentially discuss the resolution. If approved by the committee, the resolution will go to the full House for a vote. With only three days remaining on the House legislative calendar, the House will most likely need to extend the legislative session to consider the impeachment.

Like federal impeachments, the Pennsylvania impeachment process requires a simple majority of the state House. Republicans are in the majority and forecasters predict that Republicans will retain control of the chamber after the midterm elections on November 8. If impeached, the legislation would move to the state Senate for a trial. The conviction and removal from office of Krasner requires a two-thirds majority of the Senate. While Republicans have a majority in the Senate, they need to flip five seats to have a two-thirds majority.

Republican legislators filed the articles of impeachment without the recommendation of the House Select Committee investigating Krasner’s office. The Select Committee’s interim report, released on Monday, makes no mention of a crime and does not recommend impeachment. The articles of impeachment cite “misbehavior in office” as Krasner’s primary charge.  A recommendation of impeachment may still come with the release of the final report.

Kranser maintains that the investigation by House Republicans is politically motivated. In September, the House held Krasner in contempt for not complying with a legislative subpoena.