Iranian human rights group: Iranian forces open fire on Mahsa Amini protesters News
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Iranian human rights group: Iranian forces open fire on Mahsa Amini protesters

Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, an Iranian human rights group, Saturday said Iranian security forces shot at protesters in at least three cities. The group’s Twitter page follows on-the-ground progress of protests in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini. According to Iran Human Rights, the nationwide protests have resulted in the death of at least 185 people. The situation is rapidly evolving.

Hengaw’s Twitter page has followed the nationwide protest developments on the ground with instantaneous reports, photos and videos. Hengaw reported one citizen was shot in the abdomen by Iranian forces in Sanandaj. Iranian forces opened fire earlier on a group of protesters on Madar Street. That citizen has since died from his injuries. Across the city, protests continue to grow.

Hengaw also detailed clashes between protesters and Iranian forces in Saqqez. Hengaw first tweeted that Iranian forces were armed with AK-47 rifles. Shortly thereafter, Hengaw said Iranian forces opened fire on one of the girls’ high schools in Saqqez. Elsewhere in the city, men and women were injured and several arrested.

In more recent reports, Hengaw tweeted a video of Javanrud in Kermanshah Province. Hengaw said that Iranian forces have lost “effective control” over the city. The video appears to capture fires burning in at least one area of the city. The tweet reads, “There is a fierce conflict between the people and the repressive forces. [T]he Internet has been cut off.” As of the time of this report, 11 people are believed to have been injured from direct fire from Iranian forces.

The nationwide protests broke out after Amini was arrested by the Tehran police on September 14 for wearing an “improper” hijab. Amini’s family found out she had been taken to the hospital in a coma two hours later. After two days, the Tehran police reported that she had died in custody. Amnesty International has called for action against Iran in the wake of the violence and protests.