Former Pakistan prime minister barred from holding Parliamentary positions News
Former Pakistan prime minister barred from holding Parliamentary positions

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Friday barred former Prime Minister Imran Khan from Parliament following accusations of corruption. Under the Elections Act of 2017, members of parliament are required to submit full statements of their assets and liabilities. Failure to do so means article 63(1)(p) of the Constitution may be invoked, forcing members to vacate their position in parliament. The ECP found that Khan “deliberately concealed the material facts by not disclosing the details of gifts in the statement of his assets and liabilities for the year 2018-19.” As a result, “he ceases to be a member of the national assembly of Pakistan.”

Additionally, the ECP stated that Khan committed the offence of “corrupt practices,” and legal proceedings will also be initiated against him. Under Section 167 of the Elections Act, corruption can include making a false statement or declaration about one’s assets or liabilities. Khan’s lawyer appealed the decision in the Islamabad High Court and intends to argue that the ECP has no jurisdiction over the matter.

Earlier this year, Imran Khan was ousted from Parliament following a no-confidence vote. Since then, he has rallied massive support in his calls for a new election to ensure that the new government had a democratic backing. JURIST has also released a full dispatch on this situation, which is available here.