Russia missile nearly strikes nuclear plant in Ukraine News
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Russia missile nearly strikes nuclear plant in Ukraine

The Ukraine Ministry for Defense Monday reported that a Russian missile attempted to strike the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant in the Mykolaiv region. Authorities estimate that the missiles landed just 300 metres away from the plant. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, concerns have been raised about a possible nuclear disaster.

Energoatom, Ukraine’s state nuclear company, reported that the incident occurred at 12:20AM, and the explosion generated enough force to break over one hundred windows in the plant complex. One hydropower unit and three high-voltage power lines were also shut down. However, the company believes that no one was injured due to the explosion. 

The International Atomic Energy Agency said that the situation remains “fragile” and “precarious.” Director General Grossi stated, “[t]he plant is located in the middle of a war zone, and its power status is far from safe and secure. Therefore, a nuclear safety and security protection zone must urgently be established there.” Grossi believes the attack “all too clearly demonstrates the potential dangers also at other nuclear facilities in the country. Any military action that threatens nuclear safety and security is unacceptable and must stop immediately.”