Hamas executes five Palestinian citizens News
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Hamas executes five Palestinian citizens

Hamas Islamists in Gaza Sunday executed five unnamed Palestinians, the Ministry of Interior and National Security announced. According to authorities, the five individuals were executed by firing squad and hanging at approximately 05:00 in Ansar Security Compound, western Gaza City. Hamas has executed about 32 people they took over authority in the Gaza strip in 2007.

Two of the individuals were charged and convicted under Article 131 of the 1979 Palestinian Revolutionary Penal Code for communicating with the Occupation [Israeli] Intelligence and providing “information that led to the targeting and martyrdom of citizens.” One individual, a resident of Gaza City, was born in 1978 and arrested on October 30, 2009, for espionage committed in 2001. Another was a resident of Khan Yunis born in 1968 who was arrested on February 15, 2015, for espionage committed in 1991. The other three individuals were convicted of murder and other criminal offenses.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights condemned the executions for going against Palestinian laws and Palestine’s international obligation. Al Mezan Center for Human Rights called the continued use of the death penalty “a form of inhuman punishment contrary to international legal standards.” In October 2021, the United Nations raised concerns about Hamas’ use of the death penalty. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also signed several International Human Rights Instruments banning the death penalty in 2019. However, due to legislative elections and clashes in 2007, Abbas does not control the Gaza Strip. The executions are also condemned by the Palestinian population.