DC man pleads guilty to impersonating DHS agent News
diegoparra / Pixabay
DC man pleads guilty to impersonating DHS agent

Arian Taherzadeh Monday pled guilty in federal court to conspiracy and other charges. Taherzadeh admitted that he, along with co-defendant Hadier Ali and one other unnamed defendant, created a fake Department of Homeland Security (DHS) group. Under this guise, Taherzadeh illegally obtained money and important documents for more than two years.

Taherzadeh was arrested in April. As part of his plea agreement, Taherzadeh has agreed to be fully cooperative in the Department of Justice’s investigation. He has agreed to hand over all available evidence, testify in court and give truthful accounts of his crimes.

Taherzadeh obtained multiple luxury apartments and claimed that they would be paid for by the federal government. He also provided members of the United States Secret Service (USS) with lavish gifts and offered to buy an assault rifle for a USS agent on the protective detail of First Lady Jill Biden.

Taherzadeh was also charged with one count of unlawful possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device and one count of voyeurism. Conditions of release have been set and Taherzadeh faces up to four years in prison.