US extradites former Mexico state governor for embezzlement and criminal association prosecution

The US government has extradited former governor of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico César Duarte to Mexico for prosecution related to the crimes of embezzlement and criminal association.

After extradition, Duarte “will be put at the disposal of the pre-trial judge of the Morelos Judicial District in Chihuahua[.]” The criminal process will also occur in Chihuahua.

The state of Chihuahua issued an arrest warrant for Duarte in October 2019 on embezzlement and criminal association charges. Specifically, Duarte “is accused of allegedly carrying out actions that diverted public resources totaling more than 96 million Mexican pesos between 2011 and 2014.” He could receive a sentencing enhancement for both crimes.

Along with the announcement of the extradition on Thursday, the Mexican government reiterated the following statement:

The Mexican government […] will continue to act decisively to achieve the arrest, prosecution and delivery of alleged criminals in order to strengthen national security and defend its sovereignty in strict adherence to international law and especially to the Mexico-US bilateral extradition treaty.