Texas attorney general investigating Walmart opioid sales News
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Texas attorney general investigating Walmart opioid sales

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Tuesday said that he had launched an investigation into whether Walmart improperly filled prescriptions for controlled substances and whether it failed to report suspicious orders, as required under the law.

Paxton said he had issued a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) to Walmart for its potential violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act relating to the promotion, sale, dispensing and distribution of prescription opioids. A CID is a discovery tool deployed by a number of executive agencies in the US to obtain documents and information related to an investigation.

Under the investigation, Walmart is required to report on the documentation of orders from January 2006 through the present date to the Drug Enforcement Administration and all Texas state agencies, Paxton stated.

“I have fought for Texans who have been tragically impacted by the illegal marketing and sale of opioids, which have caused addiction and the untimely deaths of thousands of people each year,” Paxton says in the press release. “I am committed to holding pharmacies accountable if they played a role in this devastating epidemic.”

The US Department of Justice sued Walmart in 2020 over the company’s alleged failure to report suspicious opioid orders. This case has been on hold since late last year but is scheduled to resume on July 11.