Spain cabinet approves bill expanding rights for trans youth News
Astrobobo / Pixabay
Spain cabinet approves bill expanding rights for trans youth

Spain’s Cabinet Monday approved a draft bill on LGBTQ+ rights which aims to increase the rights of trans and gender noncomforming minors. Unlike the bill’s 2021 version, the current text extends these rights to non-citizens living in Spain.

If the bill is approved by Spain’s parliament, 16-year-old Spaniards will have the right to legally change their gender identities and names without parental, governmental or medical infringement after stating their desired changes twice in four months. Those aged 14 to 15 would still need parental approval, but a judge could intervene in the event of familial disagreement.

Children 12 and up would have the ability to change their gender identities in cases authorized by judges. The bill would not allow children under the age of 12 to change their legal gender identity but would afford them the opportunity to seek a legal name change.

Spain’s Minister of Equality Irene Montero celebrated the Cabinet’s support and expressed hope for Parliament’s passage of the bill. Montero belongs to the left-leaning Podemos political party and gained her current ministerial role in 2020. Montero has spoken about the difficulties faced by the LGBTQ+ community in employment and education.

The draft comes just in time for the International Day of LGBT Pride, celebrated on June 28.