ICC Prosecutor visits war-torn Kharkiv to investigate Ukraine war crimes

Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan visited Kharkiv Thursday with Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova to document evidence of war crimes.

During his visit Khan called the area a “crime scene,” touring the places hardest hit by Russian bombings. Khan went on to tell reporters that, “we must make sure that the whole world sees that the law works,” promising to prosecute war-criminals.

Venediktova praised Khan for his visit, saying, “Prosecutors are working even under fire gathering evidence for [Ukraine] and Int. Courts.” Venediktova has reported that 760 civilians have been killed, over a 1,000 injured, and 4,000 buildings have been destroyed in the Kharkiv region due to Russian shelling. 

According to Amnesty International (AI), the shelling in Kharkiv has been “relentless.” AI also claims that it found “evidence of Russian forces repeatedly using 9N210/9N235 cluster munitions as well as scatterable mines, both of which are subject to international treaty bans because of their indiscriminate effects.”

Russia’s UN representative has dismissed the ICC and its rulings as illegitimate, saying, “[n]either the ICC nor the West are bothered about numerous crimes of the Kiev regime…”