UN urges Taliban to reverse restrictions on women’s human rights News
ArmyAmber / Pixabay
UN urges Taliban to reverse restrictions on women’s human rights

The United Nations Security Council urged the Taliban Tuesday to reverse its restrictions on the fundamental freedoms and human rights of Afghan women.

During a 15-member state panel in Norway, the Security Council expressed “deep concern” over the policies being implemented in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Since taking rule of Afghanistan eight months ago, the Taliban promised to ensure the freedom of women, but policies to ensure equal rights for women have been rapidly reversed, including closing schools for girls after the sixth grade and banning women from traveling 45 miles from a male guardian.

The Security Council’s statement came after the Taliban demanded that female broadcasters veil themselves on TV broadcasts. A text draft identified that the greatest concern for human rights violations was from the “imposition of restrictions that limit access to education, employment, freedom of movement, and women’s full, equal and meaningful participation in public life.”

The Security Council insisted that there be no delay in reopening schools for girls in a unified message. Further issues addressed also included the declining financial and banking systems of the country, with the Council citing a “volatile situation in Afghanistan.” Instances of drug trafficking and terrorist attacks on civilians were also addressed in the text.