California governor pledges to pass more than a dozen gun safety bills News
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California governor pledges to pass more than a dozen gun safety bills

California Governor Gavin Newsom and other legislators Wednesday pledged to accelerate the process for more than a dozen gun safety bills.

California lawmakers are not introducing any new gun safety laws,  but they promised to move forward with the bills that are already in review. State leaders in California said the shooting at the Uvalde, Texas elementary school on Tuesday motivated them to reevaluate how California addresses the issue of gun violence. 

California senators approved bills that makes it a requirement for schools to report any “perceived threat” to law enforcement immediately, bar gun shows on state property and require sellers of guns to create safeguards to discourage thefts and illegal gun sales.

Republican California Assembly leader James Gallagher urged California lawmakers to address the issues head on. He encouraged his fellow lawmakers to stop “political posturing” and come together to address the underlying causes of gun violence. Gallagher also posted to Twitter:“First, can you take a moment to mourn with these families and find out what actually happened?…We passed gun laws and it didn’t stop Santa Barbara, or San Bernardino, or Rancho Tehama, or Thousand Oaks, or the recent Sacramento shooting blocks from the Capitol.”

Newsom  plans to pass and sign as many of the bills as possible by the end of June.