US Commerce Department says Belarus national airline planes violate export controls
WikimediaImages / Pixabay
US Commerce Department says Belarus national airline planes violate export controls

The US Department of Commerce Thursday announced that it had publicly identified seven aircraft operated by Belarus in likely violation of US export controls.

The department said that anyone who services these planes anywhere will require authorization from the department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Otherwise, that individual risks violating the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This could result in substantial jail time, fines, or loss of privileges.

The goal is to keep these planes essentially grounded. These restrictions on these aircraft were put in place last week following Belarus’s continued support for Russia during the invasion of Ukraine.

Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo said:

Maintaining this list reinforces to Putin and his enablers that they are isolated from the world, and anyone who seeks to enable their aggression or flout our export controls, does so at their own peril. We will continue working with our allies and partners to cut Russia and Belarus off from the global economy to maximize pressure on Putin and his military operations.

The restrictions placed on April 8 removed license exception availability for any aircraft registered in, owned, or controlled by, or under charter or lease by Belarus or a national of Belarus. Similar restrictions have been put in place by the Department of Commerce against Russia. These restrictions began on February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

So far, the department has identified 153 aircraft – of which 146 are Russian — in violation of EAR. In March, the department effectively grounded 100 aircraft that flew to Russia in violation of EAR.