Ukraine prosecutors charge 10 Russian soldiers with Bucha atrocities
Ukraine prosecutors charge 10 Russian soldiers with Bucha atrocities

Ukrainian General Prosecutor Iryna Venediktova Thursday announced the investigation of 10 Russian soldiers involved in atrocities committed in Bucha, Ukraine. According to the WSJ, prosecutors have filed criminal charges against 10 Russian soldiers.

The town of Bucha is located on the northern outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine. The town was captured by the Russian army sometime after the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

After Russia withdrew troops from the region and the Ukrainian army recaptured the town, massive casualties and other atrocities were uncovered. Whereas Bucha had a pre-war population of 35,000 people, only 3,700 people remained after the Russian withdrawal. The scene drew international condemnation and even brought international investigators from the International Criminal Court to the region to examine potential war crimes.

In an effort to hold Russia accountable for its actions, Venediktova and Ukrainian prosecutors launched an investigation into the atrocities committed in Bucha. Through a collaborative effort of prosecutors, police officers and journalists, the 10 Russian soldiers were discovered. These 10 soldiers include four privates, four corporals, and two sergeants—all of whom were members of Russia’s 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade. Russian President Vladimir Putin previously honored the brigade for its mass heroism.

Prosecutors’ investigation allegedly uncovered that during the occupation of Bucha, the 10 Russian soldiers captured unarmed civilians, held them hostage, mocked, beat them, and killed them through hunger and thirst. Allegedly some civilians were tortured for no reason.

Venediktova posted images of the 10 Russian soldiers to Facebook, asking the public for any additional evidence of their involvement in other atrocities. Additionally, the Ukrainian Office of the Attorney General has launched a webpage dedicated to gathering evidence of Russian war crimes. Investigations are ongoing.