Russia issues retaliatory visa restrictions over Ukraine sanctions News
© Kremlin press pool (Creative Commons)
Russia issues retaliatory visa restrictions over Ukraine sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday issued a decree restricting visas for citizens of countries deemed unfriendly by the Kremlin.

Under the decree, expedited visa procedures for citizens of the European Union, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein will cease. Additionally, Russian state-affiliated news agency TASS reported that the decree suspends payment waivers for government officials and cancels a policy of visa-free entry for foreign citizens with diplomatic passports.

Putin’s decree marks the latest retaliatory diplomatic action between Russian and Ukrainian allies. Previously, Russia restricted access to foreign news media. Nations throughout Europe have sanctioned Russian oligarchs. Last week, the Netherlands, Poland and North Macedonia joined a growing list of nations and expelled Russian diplomats identified as security threats.

International condemnation of Russia has gained traction amid allegations of war crimes in Ukraine. The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reported 3,455 civilian casualties in Ukraine as of April 3.