Indonesia court sentences teacher to death for raping 13 students
kalhh / Pixabay
Indonesia court sentences teacher to death for raping 13 students

The Bandung High Court Monday sentenced a teacher, Herry Wirawan, to death for raping 13 students at an Islamic boarding school.

The victims were between 12 and 16 years old. It was further found that he impregnated at least eight of the victims. The Bandung District Court had earlier sentenced him to life imprisonment, but the prosecution was not satisfied with the punishment and filed an appeal to the High Court.

The panel of judges at the High Court increased the sentence to the death penalty, citing the reason of creating a deterrent effect. The judge stated: “The sentence imposed is not as an attempt to retaliate for the actions of the defendant, but in general as an effort to protect the community from similar acts in the future and from the possibility of repetition of similar acts committed by the defendant.”

The verdict was read out by a panel of judges chaired by Herri Swantoro. The judges also observed in the verdict that use of religious symbols at the Islamic Boarding School could defame the religion and Islamic boarding schools. Additionally, it would also cause concern for the parents and would prevent them from sending their children to Islamic boarding schools.

The decision was welcomed by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). Jasra Putra, Commissioner of KPAI said: “This decision is certainly an important milestone for Indonesia, in providing a maximum deterrent effect, as well as education in the community.” He further found the appeal judgment to be important because, unlike the previous decision which charged restitution to the state, the appeal decision now charges restitution to the perpetrators by seizing all their assets.