Canada imposes new sanctions on 33 Russian defense entities

Canada Monday announced new sanctions on Russian defense sector companies in response to Russia’s continued military actions in Ukraine. In a statement announcing the sanctions, the government said it continues to coordinate with Canadian allies and explore options for new measures to hold Russia accountable.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Canada has imposed several waves of sanctions against Russian individuals and entities. In total, Canada has imposed more than 700 sanctions on individuals and entities from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in response to military action in Ukraine.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly announced the new wave of sanctions Monday. The new sanctions apply to 33 entities in Russia’s defense sector. According to the statement, these entities have either provided direct or indirect support to the Russian military. Because of this, Canada sees these entities as complicit in the pain and suffering of Ukrainians due to Russia’s continued military actions.

Commenting on the new sanctions, Joly said, “Canada has always and will always stand by Ukraine. Today’s measures are the latest example of our unwavering support for Ukraine and its people. We will continue to support the brave men and women fighting for their freedom, and we demand that those responsible for atrocities be held accountable.”

Canada also indicated that further measures to hold Russia accountable may be forthcoming. In the statement, the government said it continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine and explore new measures to hold Russia accountable for its actions.