Biden says US will ‘spare no effort’ to provide Ukraine military with weapons News
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Biden says US will ‘spare no effort’ to provide Ukraine military with weapons

The Biden administration Friday announced that the US would continue to “spare no effort” to provide the Ukrainian military with weapons to protect its country.

Biden noted that Ukrainian forces have used military weapons sent by the US to “repel the Russian attack on Kyiv, keep the skies of Ukraine contested, and deliver severe blows to the Russian military.” He thanked the Slovakian government for providing an air defense system to Ukraine and stated that the US would reposition a US Patriot missile system in Slovakia to enable the transfer.

Biden concluded:

Now is no time for complacency. The Russian military may have failed in its objective of capturing Kyiv, but it continues to inflict horrific acts of brutality on the Ukrainian people. As the Russian military repositions for the next phase of this war, I have directed my Administration to continue to spare no effort to identify and provide to the Ukrainian military the advanced weapons capabilities it needs to defend its country.

On Monday, Biden joined calls to prosecute Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. On Wednesday, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced a fresh round of sanctions against Russian individuals and entities and a ban on new American investment in Russia and services associated with Russian persons. The OFAC also announced Thursday sanctions against a Russian diamond mining company and a Russian defense contractor.