Ukraine dispatch: ‘The infrastructure of several cities has been destroyed’
Ukraine NOW/Telegram
Ukraine dispatch: ‘The infrastructure of several cities has been destroyed’

Law students and young lawyers in Ukraine are filing for JURIST on the latest developments in that country as it defends itself against Russian invasion. Here, Kyiv-based lawyer Oleh Kornat reports.

The Russian troops continue to attack Ukrainian cities with the rockets. The most complicated situation is in the east of Ukraine. The infrastructure of several cities has been destroyed for 80 %. One of the biggest eastern city of Ukraine – Kharkiv – has been bombed heavily for three times. The buildings of local governments and university have been damaged.

The enemies have attacked the TV tower in Kyiv near the Babyn Yar monument – a place in Kyiv where thousands of people were killed by Nazis in 1943. As a result of this attack 5 people have been killed.

The shots directed at such historical sites are proofs that the Russian government has no human’s feelings.

Nevertheless, Ukrainians go on supporting each other. Everyone is engaged in assistance of Ukrainian army.

Our greatest hopes are for the help of international community.

Also, Ukrainian government has opened the access to the Russian social network VKONTAKTE which has been banned in Ukraine since 2017 to spread the truth to Russians and Belarusian people as they are isolated in the informational way. I registered an account there yesterday but I was blocked very soon after posting a couple of posts.