China companies oppose proposed FCC blanket ban on Chinese tech News
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China companies oppose proposed FCC blanket ban on Chinese tech

Chinese technology companies Huawei, Hytera, Hikvision and Dahua published comments Tuesday opposing the US Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) proposed rule making that would restrict the use of China-made technology.

The proposed rule, which was published in June, would ban communications technology made in countries that have been deemed a national security threat, including China. According to the companies’ comments, this system forgoes an alternate system based on technical systems related to protection against radio interference and other technical threats. The Chinese government stated that a blanket ban on Chinese telecommunications technology may run afoul of World Trade Organization rules on transparency absent specific technical specifications.

This proposed rule would expand on other restrictions on Chinese high technology manufacturers. Currently, some Chinese companies are restricted from receiving broadband subsidies, banned from participating in other FCC programs, and have been added to the Department of Commerce’s Entity List, which restricts their ability to receive US technology exports.

The proposed rule would restrict consumers’ ability to buy these device altogether. The rule would establish an FCC approval process for devices that emit radio frequency energy, including laptops, TVs, routers, as well as large-scale network equipment. Without FCC approval, uncertified devices would not be permitted to be sold in the US. Chinese companies, which could be frozen out of the US marketplace under this program, urge the FCC to adopt certification standards based on technical specifications, not country of origin. This would allow Chinese manufacturers to continue to sell telecommunications products in the United States.