Mexico prosecutors launch investigation into illicit enrichment of former minister

The Mexican General Prosecutor’s Office (FGR) announced on Friday that legal proceedings had been initiated against former Secretary of the Economy Ildefonso Guajardo, launching a criminal investigation into allegations of illicit enrichment.

Guajardo, who is due to re-enter Congress as a member of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party in September, is alleged to have “probably obtained an unjustified increase in his assets” by virtue of his position as a senior official in the previous administration. Guajardo has dismissed these accusations as “baseless and unfair,” and an example of political persecution.

In Friday’s press release, the FGR said that a judge had decided to impose precautionary measures on Guajardo for the duration of the proceedings, including a prohibition on leaving the country without judicial authorization, and a requirement that he report to authorities periodically.

According to Guajardo, the FGR had also lodged an application to suspend his swearing-in ceremony as a Federal Congressman, but that this had been rejected by the judge.

In a statement shared on Twitter, Guajardo said:

I remain confident and at peace, knowing that honesty and decency have always been a critical part of me throughout my years of experience as a public official. . . Honor and prestige are not built in a day, and, through 40 years in public service I have given ample proof that I am an honest man, by virtue of my work and my results.

The FGR has been granted four months to investigate the allegations.