Spain protesters gather in Madrid to challenge pardon of Catalan separatists
ddzphoto / Pixabay
Spain protesters gather in Madrid to challenge pardon of Catalan separatists

A crowd of 60,000 Spaniards took the streets of Madrid Sunday in order to protest the government’s pardon of 12 Catalan separatist politicians who led the 2017 unilateral independence movement.

The demonstrators in attendance mainly came from the far-right populist party Vox, while representatives from the conservative popular and center-right parties were also present together with the regional premier of Madrid and the city’s mayor. This is the second time the three parties have attended such a protest in the Spanish capital.

Protesters could be heard calling for the express rejection of the approach of socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on the issue of Catalan independence and the pardoning of the Catalan separatists by the Spanish king.

Though the protest was almost entirely driven by right-wing and center-right-wing parties, writer Andres Trapiello spoke of this movement as a national issue, claiming that “there are people here from the right, but also from the center and the left.” This has however been subject to criticism from major Spanish news outlet “EL PAIS”, which disclosed that the only trace of the left came from a sign in the middle of the square held by a dozen people from the center-right party. Moreover, the crowd held Spanish Legion flags, the emblem of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

Another speaker, Rosa Diez, spoke of “good Spaniards” as the majority moving against the handing over of the nation to major criminals such as Pedro Sanchez. She also announced further protests all around Spain.