Parler files new suit against Amazon after withdrawing previous suit
kirstyfields / Pixabay
Parler files new suit against Amazon after withdrawing previous suit

Conservative social media website Parler filed a new lawsuit against Amazon Wednesday alleging that Amazon removed Parler from its hosting platform because they saw them as a threat and wanted to “destroy” the competition.

The move comes after Parler withdrew their previous federal antitrust suit against Amazon Tuesday. Parler brought the suit two months ago alleging that Amazon had violated Section One of the Sherman Antitrust Act by conspiring with Twitter to remove the website and damage Parler’s growth.

In the new suit, filed in Washington state court, Parler claims Amazon illegally breached their contract when they ended their removed Parler because of allegations Amazon knew to be false. Furthermore, they claim Amazon leaked these false rumors to the media in an attempt to destroy Parler’s reputation.

Parler claims that Amazon was aware of Parler’s business model and had no issues with the posts hosted on the website. In fact, Parler claims the information hosted on their site is violent/inappropriate than information found on Twitter, Facebook and Amazon.

Parler alleges that the only reason Amazon pulled the plug on their website was because of a deal they had signed with Twitter two months prior. They believe that Amazon was attempting to protect Twitter’s marker share because they stood to lose users after the Trump ban. Parler believes Amazon knew these users would end up going to Parler because Trump was going to create an account.

Furthermore, Parler asserts that Amazon sent hackers into their backup servers to make it more difficult for them to get back online after being shut down. Parler says they were about to sign a multi-billion dollar deal which stood to expand their market share and revenue but because of the hackers it took them a month to relaunch and they lost tens of millions of users and dollars.

The suit alleges 15 different counts of contract, tort and unfair competition violations. Included in these are, breach of contract, consumer protection violations and negligence. Parler is seeking monetary damages including trebled and exemplary damages.