Biden imposes trade sanctions on Myanmar military coup leaders News
Biden imposes trade sanctions on Myanmar military coup leaders

The Biden administration Thursday announced that it would impose trade sanctions on Myanmar’s military coup leaders following the country’s overthrow of democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1st.

The Commerce Department stated that it would restrict Myanmar’s Ministry of Defense and Home Affairs along with Myanmar Economic Corporation and Myanmar Economic Holding Limited — two of the country’s largest military-affiliated corporations. The Department also added that it would place additional Military End User export control restrictions on Myanmar’s military which would require suppliers to obtain special shipping licenses before shipping items to the U.S.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price warned Myanmar officials that the US would take further action if the Myanmar military continued to detain and use lethal force against protestors. “We’ll continue to take action against the junta and call for democracy in Burma,” Price tweeted on Thursday.

These trade sanctions come weeks after the Biden administration issued an executive order freeze coup leaders’ property and business interests in the US and abroad. At that time, Biden had announced plans to impost export controls on Myanmar military leaders in an effort to support civilians and civil society groups in Myanmar.

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