Uganda opposition leader withdraws Supreme Court election petition
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Uganda opposition leader withdraws Supreme Court election petition

Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulani, also known as Bobi Wine, on Monday withdrew an election petition challenging the re-election of Yoweri Museveni. Kyagulani cited frustrations with the Supreme Court as the reason for his withdrawal, claiming that the Supreme Court justices hearing the case were biased.

In January’s presidential election, Museveni won his sixth term after garnering 59 percent of the votes against Wine’s 35 percent. Wine subsequently filed a challenge to these results, citing several grounds. Principally, he alleged that force had been used against his supporters, with the run-up to the vote marred by violence. The Uganda Communications Commission had also banned more than 100 social media platforms and messaging apps during the election.

Wine’s frustrations with the court were largely based on the court’s rejection of additional evidence filed by him. Wine subsequently filed an application with the court to allow him to file additional affidavits comprising statements, videos, photographs and audio recordings essential to the petition. The court rejected the application, stating that he had already been granted enough time to file affidavits.

Wine has said that he will not resort to violent tactics but will put all legal and non-violent means on the table.