Supreme Court refuses to expedite remaining Trump election challenges News
viarami / Pixabay
Supreme Court refuses to expedite remaining Trump election challenges

The US Supreme Court refused Monday to expedite the remaining Donald Trump campaign election challenges in an order unaccompanied by further comment or explanation. The justices’ refusal to consider the petitions before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration may render the claims moot.

The Trump campaign sought to expedite eight separate petitions over the election results in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Along with these petitions that the court refused to expedite, there are also two other election challenge petitions out of Pennsylvania. The court may take up these Pennsylvania petitions to determine the challenge of absentee voting in future Pennsylvania elections.

Though the court refused to expedite the remaining Trump campaign election challenges, it still reserves the right to hear the challenges in the future. However, such a hearing would not impact the 2020 presidential election. The justices will likely not even decide whether they will hear the claims until February.

The court’s refusal to expedite the Trump campaign’s claims effectively marks the end of Trump campaign’s electoral legal challenges.