Florida Proud Boys leader arrested over Capitol riots News
© Wikimedia (Tyler Merbler)
Florida Proud Boys leader arrested over Capitol riots

Joseph Randall Biggs, leader of the far-right organization Proud Boys, was arrested in Orlando, Florida, Wednesday in connection with the attack on the US Capitol on January 6.

According to an FBI affidavit, Biggs has been documented in the Capitol. The affidavit includes images where the individual identified as Biggs is seen. Further, there is an ABC News interview where another member of the Proud Boys can be heard identifying Biggs.

The FBI is relying on a video posted on Parler, a right-wing social media website, which shows Biggs and others entering the Capitol at which point an unknown person asks, “[h]ey Biggs, what do you gotta say?” to which Biggs responds by lowering his mask and stating “[t]his is awesome!”

Biggs was charged with knowingly entering and remaining on restricted ground when unlawful under 18 USC § 1752(a), as well as with trespassing in the Capitol under 40 USC §§ 5104(e)(2)(D).

An FBI Special Agent investigating Biggs stated in the affidavit:

[T]he images and video footage that I have reviewed, as well as the other facts gathered in this investigation, establish that [Biggs] did aid, abet, counsel, command, induce, or procure others to unlawfully enter the U.S. Capitol by means of destruction of federal property; did unlawfully enter or remain in the U.S. Capitol as a direct result of the destruction of federal property; and did corruptly obstruct the official proceedings underway at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Biggs has been released on bail but is on house arrest until trial.