Dominion Voting Systems sues Trump attorney Sidney Powell for defamation News
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Dominion Voting Systems sues Trump attorney Sidney Powell for defamation

Dominion Votings Systems filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell. The complaint alleges that Powell engaged in defamation with the statements she has made against Dominion in an attempt to throw out votes and hand the election to President Donald Trump.

In their complaint, Dominion outlined the lies they claim Powell has propagated in press conferences and at Trump rallies. These include that Dominion rigged the Georgia election, that the company was created in Venezuela to rig their elections in favor of Hugo Chavez, and finally that Dominion bribed Georgia election officials so that they were the only company whose machines were used in Georgia.

The complaint spans 124 pages discusses all of Powell’s claims in detail. Dominion pointed out the company was founded in Toronto, not Venezuela, and that they have never been involved in the election of the now-deceased Chavez. On the claim that they rigged the Georgia election, they pointed to the mountains of empirical evidence that show otherwise. Included in this evidence is the fact that Georgia officials made a hand recount that confirmed no error with Dominion machines. Despite this evidence, Powell showed “proof” in the form of an undated certificate from the Georgia Secretary of State, which has since been proven was doctored.

Further, Dominion slammed Powell’s sources of evidence as “conspiracy theorists and con artists” who have been deemed “wholely unreliable” by the judiciary. Dominion claims that Powell’s media campaign against the company has leveled great damage to its reputation and has led to death threats and harassment to the founders and employees of Dominion.

The complaint includes tweets from the president and other followers who are parroting the false claims levied by Powell. These show that Powell used false evidence to become part of the Trump legal team and grow her business.

Dominion is seeking compensatory and punitive damages totaling over a billion dollars and a narrowly tailored injunction preventing Powell from making defamatory statements against Dominion.