Breonna Taylor grand jurors seek impeachment of Kentucky AG Cameron
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Breonna Taylor grand jurors seek impeachment of Kentucky AG Cameron

A group of “concerned Kentucky citizens,” including three grand jurors from Breonna Taylor’s case, announced a petition to impeach special prosecutor and state Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Friday. Jurors accuse Cameron of “abuse of office and breach of duties of professional responsibility and ethics” and “misrepresenting to the nation the findings of the grand jury.”

In a September press conference, Cameron told the public that “the grand jury had every piece of detail needed to make their assessment and their judgments” on the charges for former Louisville police officer Brett Hankinson. Shortly after, an anonymous juror filed a motion asking Cameron to release a transcript of the grand jury proceedings, claiming he had misrepresented his handling of the case. Cameron later clarified that he had only presented the grand jury with information about the wanton endangerment charges that Hankinson received, a choice that received criticism amidst cries for police accountability.

The impeachment also alleges that Cameron was involved with inciting the January 6 insurrection. Cameron is an executive member of the National Association of Republican Attorneys General (RAGA). They are tied to a non-profit called the Rule of Law Defense Fund, which sent out robocalls urging supporters to participate in the invasion of the Capitol.

Cameron’s impeachment is the third in the Kentucky state legislature this year. Four Kentuckians sought to impeach Governor Andy Beshear in January over COVID-19 restrictions. Three days later, residents filed impeachment papers for Rep. Robert Goforth, accused of choking a woman with a cord during a domestic dispute. The state legislature created an impeachment committee to deal with these concerns.