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Ukraine Constitutional Court judge investigated for bribery
Joleńka / Pixabay
Ukraine Constitutional Court judge investigated for bribery

According to Reuters Monday, Ukrainian prosecutors are investigating Oleksandr Tupytskyi, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, for suspected bribery of a witness.

The alleged incident under investigation occurred in 2018 when Tupytskyi was deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court has been at odds with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy since October. Zelensky asked Parliament to dissolve the court to which Tupytskyi condemned the request as a “constitutional coup.” Tupytskyi has also challenged Prosecutor General Venediktova’s authority over the investigation by declaring that the dismissal of a Constitutional Court judge would be against Ukrainian Law.

The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych nominated Tupytskyi to the Constitutional Court in 2013. The Constitutional Court elected Tupytskyi Deputy Chairman in March 2018 and active Chairman in September 2019.

The prosecutors called for Tupytskyi to be suspended for two months during the investigation.

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