Trump asks Supreme Court to overturn Wisconsin election results
MarkThomas / Pixabay
Trump asks Supreme Court to overturn Wisconsin election results

President Donald Trump asked the US Supreme Court Tuesday to overturn the Wisconsin election results in a second attempt to involve the Supreme Court in altering election results in his favor.

In their petition, lawyers acting for Trump argue that antifraud mandates were disregarded by Wisconsin election officials during the Wisconsin recount. More specifically, they argue that not only were voters encouraged to lie in order to receive an absentee ballot, but also the Milwaukee and Dane County clerks encouraged Wisconsin citizens to use COVID-19 as an excuse to qualify for such ballot. Further, they insist that 4,469 absentee ballots were unlawfully counted because deficient ballots were not cured by the voter. Rather, the employees of the municipal clerks’ offices in Milwaukee and Dane Counties cured the ballots themselves by looking up missing information on the internet and writing it down on the ballot.

The petition further states:

Regardless of the approach used, this Court should enforce the Wisconsin Legislature’s directive, that the rules governing absentee ballots are mandatory, and based on these 28,395 tainted ballots, and the other 21, 740 illegally counted ballots, hold that the election failed and thus the results must be voided. As the Seventh Circuity correctly recognized in parallel litigation, in which it joined the Wisconsin Supreme Court in denying relief, although the President’s ultimate objective “do be declared the victor of Wisconsin” may be beyond the power of the court, a court can “declare the election results void, “which “would provide the opportunity for the appointment of a new slate of electors,” leaving it for “the Wisconsin Legislature to decide the next steps in advance of Congress’s count of the Electoral College’s votes on January 6, 2021.”

Trump’s lawyers also asked the Supreme Court to expedite its consideration of their petition, saying that is necessary because the petition “seeks to set aside the certification of presidential electors” due to the failure of the November 3 election in Wisconsin. Additionally, “it is in the interest of the parties, congress and the National as a whole, that this Court have as much time as possible to consider the relative merits of the parties’ position and to issue it decision sufficiently in advance of fast-approaching deadlines.”

A similar lawsuit was filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court in efforts to overturn the election results of Wisconsin. However, such an attempt was unsuccessful because his claims both lacked merit and were not filed in a timely manner.

The Supreme Court has yet to announce whether it will hear Trump’s case.