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Trump campaign sues to stop Michigan from certifying ballots
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Trump campaign sues to stop Michigan from certifying ballots

The Trump campaign filed another lawsuit in Michigan on Wednesday, seeking to prevent the certification of Michigan’s election, based on concerns about the validity of ballots in Wayne County.

The complaint alleges that Wayne County has not correctly followed the election code, claiming that Republican challengers have not been allowed to observe the processing of the ballots and that some election officials altered dates that ballots were received. They are asking the court to enjoin the canvassing board from certifying any vote tally that includes either ballots received after election day or ballots that were tallied when challengers were prohibited from observing the count. Unlike the previous lawsuit, which also claimed a lack of access by challengers and was dismissed by the court, this complaint includes signed affidavits from poll workers who claim to have witnessed vote fraud and obstruction of the tally.

In a statement, Matt Morgan, general counsel for the Trump campaign, called the canvassing process in Michigan “alarming” and said the lawsuit is a “noteworthy step toward achieving … a free and fair election.” Jake Rollow, spokesman for secretary of state Jocelyn Benson, told the New York Times that, “We have not seen any evidence of fraud or foul play in the actual administration of the election. What we have seen is that it was smooth, transparent, secure and accurate.”