Trump campaign files another lawsuit over Pennsylvania mail-in ballots
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Trump campaign files another lawsuit over Pennsylvania mail-in ballots

US President Donald Trump’s campaign alleged in a new lawsuit filed on Wednesday that poll watchers and observers were unable to “meaningfully observe canvassing and counting of mail-in ballots,” thus undermining “the integrity of the election result” and impinging on Pennsylvania’s constitutional right to a fair and free election. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State and seven Pennsylvania counties are the defendants in this civil lawsuit.

Trump’s campaign argued that the mail-in ballots in the defendant counties should not be counted. These counties had approximately 1.5 million mail-in ballots, with approximately 75 percent of those mail-in ballots cast for President-elect Joe Biden. Regarding observation of the counting of mail-in ballots in the Democrat-controlled defendant counties, the campaign asserts that Republican poll watchers were unable to “observe the contents of the outside envelopes” because the Republican poll watchers were often more than 25 feet away from the individuals counting the mail-in ballots.

Further, the campaign claims that up to tens of thousands of the 1.5 million mail-in ballots from the defendant counties should not be counted because the ballots were allegedly “improperly executed.” The campaign stated that these ballots “lack[ed] signatures, addresses, and dates.”

Trump has not yet conceded and has filed other lawsuits in Pennsylvania as well as in other states. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled against the Trump campaign on Tuesday, rejecting the campaign’s claim that observers were unable to properly watch the vote count in Philadelphia. The court reasoned that “the Election Code does not specify minimum distance parameters for the location of such representatives” observing the counting process.