Trump campaign appeals dismissal of Pennsylvania voter fraud suit News
andibreit / Pixabay
Trump campaign appeals dismissal of Pennsylvania voter fraud suit

The Trump Campaign appealed a dismissal of a voter fraud lawsuit to the US Court of Appeals for the Circuit on Sunday. The campaign has requested that the Third Circuit instruct US District Judge Matthew Brann to review a redrafted complaint.

The appeal has been fast tracked. Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, has until Tuesday afternoon to respond to the appeal. In the appeal, the campaign alleges that Brann denied it the opportunity to litigate “serious and well-founded claims” that Democratic officials arranged for Biden to win Pennsylvania by counting defective mail-in ballots. The appeal does not address the issues that led to its dismissal. However, it does deny any implications that it is an attempt to disenfranchise 6.8 million voters. This contradicts suggestions by the campaign that the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House should chose the delegates.

In a scathing dismissal, Brann refused the grant the campaign permission to file redrafted complaint. Calling the complaint a “Frankenstein’s Monster” consisting of strained and stitched together meritless and speculative accusations. Further, he stated that he lacked the authority to cast out tens of thousands of ballots. Brann’s dismissal effectively bars the campaign from filing a second amended lawsuit.

Pennsylvania’s counties were due to deliver their results to Boockvar on Monday for certification. The campaign has not attempted to delay the certification, insisting it can challenge the results later.