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Nevada state court judge denies GOP mail-in ballot challenge
andibreit / Pixabay
Nevada state court judge denies GOP mail-in ballot challenge

A Nevada state judge on Monday denied a Republican Party attempt to discount mail-in ballots.

The Trump campaign and the Nevada Republican Party alleged the county failed to comply with public record requests pertaining to signature verification on mail-in ballots, calling for a temporary restraining order.

Carson City District Court Judge James Wilson denied the request for a restraining order.

“Clark County is a blue county, and this is a numbers game. And quite frankly they would like to exclude as many ballots in Clark County as they can. They want a high rejection rate,” Nevada Deputy Solicitor General Gregory Zunino said. “They are not challenging the process in Elko County or Humboldt County or Carson City because those are red counties.”

“The president’s deliberate attempts to undermine Nevada’s elections have failed yet again,” Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford said in a statement. “Today’s ruling makes clear that there is a proper procedure to observe an election that even the president must follow, and it’s most certainly a victory for the constitutional rights of all Nevadans.”