Iraq hangs 21 convicted of terrorism and murder
jorono / Pixabay
Iraq hangs 21 convicted of terrorism and murder

Iraq’s interior ministry said Monday that the country hanged 21 individuals convicted of terrorism and murder as part of a series of ongoing executions since it defeated the Islamic State (Daesh) in 2017.

The executions included two suicide bombers responsible for terrorist attacks on Tal Afar that killed dozens of people, the statement said. No further details were revealed concerning the identities or crimes of those executed who were being held at the Nassiriya prison in southern Iraq.

Since defeating Daesh in 2017, the Iraqi government has jailed hundreds of suspected jihadists who now await trial or execution and has since carried out several mass executions.

Human rights groups have accused the Iraq government of carrying out unfair trials and unjust judicial proceedings. A recent UN report revealed that suspected child terrorists are being detained, tortured, and imprisoned for up to 20 years, many of whom had no connection to Daesh and falsely confess to crimes to stop the torture. The government has responded by saying that its trials are fair.

The UN report notes that because the trials involve mass scale inhumane detention and torture, they “can only serve a narrative of grievance and revenge” and will likely result in future terrorist activity.