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Wisconsin judge reimposes governor’s COVID-19 restrictions
Felipe Esquivel Reed
Wisconsin judge reimposes governor’s COVID-19 restrictions

Judge James Babler of the Barron County Circuit Court in Wisconsin Monday reinstated Governor Tony Evers’s emergency order setting in place precautions to help slow the spread of COVID-19 as Wisconsin experiences a surge in new cases. Judge Babler denied the Tavern League of Wisconsin’s motion to continue blocking the order, originally issued on October 6.

The order set in place limits on the number of people who can gather in bars, restaurants and other indoor venues to 25 percent capacity for those locations.

The Tavern League, a lobbying group representing 5,000 bars, restaurants and taverns in the state, opposed the order, challenging it as “de facto closure” and as harmful to the industries the Tavern League represents. A judge had previously blocked the order on October 14.

In reinstating the October 6 order, Judge Babler stated that Tavern League, together with the two bars challenging the order, could not show that they had complied, and therefore could not show that they were harmed by the order. Governor Evers published a statement in response to the ruling, “This critically important ruling will help us prevent the spread of this virus by restoring limits on public gatherings.”