France outlaws Islamist group after murder of teacher News
Walkerssk / Pixabay
France outlaws Islamist group after murder of teacher

French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal announced on Wednesday that France will ban the Islamist group directly involved in the brutal killing of a French school teacher last week.

Samuel Paty, a history teacher, was beheaded by Abdoulakh Anzorov, a teenager of Chechen origins, over Paty’s use of the “blasphemous” Charlie Hebdo caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad during a class on freedom of expression. Anzorov, who has since been linked to the Islamist group known as the “Sheikh Yassin Collective,” was shot dead by the police.

Paty’s killing prompted massive protests in France, with thousands of people gathering in Paris to pay tribute to the teacher. On Wednesday the French government announced the dissolution of the “Sheikh Yassin Collective” in France as part of its crackdown on groups that promote a hate-driven and radical version of the Muslim faith.

The collective’s founder, Abdelhakim Sefrioui is currently in custody and under investigation over charges of incitement of religiously-motivated violence.