Amnesty urges UNSC to take Myanmar to ICC for military abuses
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Amnesty urges UNSC to take Myanmar to ICC for military abuses

Amnesty International urged the UN Security Council Monday to take action against Myanmar for military abuses. Amnesty’s condemnation of Myanmar’s military action follows after reports of intensified violence between Myanmar’s military and Araken Army that led to civilian casualties.

Ming Yu Hah, Amnesty’s Deputy Regional Director for Campaigns, called on the Security Council to refer the allegations to the International Criminal Court: “There are no signs of the conflict between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar military abating—and civilians continue to bear the brunt. The Myanmar military’s utter disregard for civilian suffering grows more shocking and brazen by the day. The UN Security Council must urgently refer the situation in Myanmar to the International Criminal Court.”

Amnesty has cited growing concerns over the presence of Myanmar troops on the Bangladesh border. Additionally, Amnesty has reported civilian casualties from landmines and the firing upon of villages by heavy weaponry in the Rakhine and Chin States. Among other reports, the Myanmar military allegedly burned a village in the Central Rhakine State. Additionally, the Myanmar military admitted that three of its soldiers had raped a Rakhine woman in June.

The UN has yet to respond to Amnesty’s reports or requests for action.