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Trump, postmaster general sued over newly implemented USPS policies
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Trump, postmaster general sued over newly implemented USPS policies

Several individuals sued both President Donald Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Monday over funding of the US Postal Service (USPS) as millions of Americans are expected to take advantage of mail-in voting for the November election.

The complaint, filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, argues that DeJoy’s new policies not only prevent postal workers from performing their jobs but also were implemented to bolster Trump’s reelection campaign. In addition, these policies allegedly hinder Americans’ fundamental right to vote because voters are either forced to risk their health to vote in person or remain unsure about whether their ballot will be readily delivered. Plaintiffs further argue that DeJoy’s new policies violate the Equal Protection clause because every American’s right to vote will not be protected. More specifically, “random chance will dictate whether thousands upon thousands of absentee ballots across the country are counted.”

The complaint further states:

Amid a global, once-in-a-century pandemic, USPS has become all the more important to the basic functioning of our democracy: with the risks of gathering voters in one place, indoors, to wait on line and all touch the same election machinery, most States have expanded vote-by-mail alternatives to keep their citizens safe. For November, an estimated 76% of Americans are eligible to cast their ballots by mail without any “excuse”—and if the recent primary election is any indication, a record number of voters intend to use that eligibility to exercise their most basic right in the safest manner available in a public health crisis.

Plaintiffs seek an injunction requiring Trump DeJoy to ensure that the USPS is properly funded so that voters can timely receive ballots and postal workers can process the record level of mail-in ballots in an efficient manner.