Belarus Supreme Court refuses to intervene in ongoing allegations of election tampering News
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Belarus Supreme Court refuses to intervene in ongoing allegations of election tampering

The Supreme Court of Belarus on Tuesday rejected a complaint filed by former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya that sought to initiate criminal proceedings against the country’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) for approving the outcome of the countries recent presidential election and for the election’s result to be annulled.

The Belarusian presidential elections took place earlier this month. The CEC has officially announced that the right-wing incumbent Alexander Lukashenko won with 80.10 percent of the vote. They also credited Tikhanovskaya’s opposition party as coming in second with 10.12 percent of the vote. The EU and the opposition have refused to accept these results, citing widespread electoral interference, fraud and claims of vote tampering. The nation has since been engulfed in widespread protests with hundreds of thousands of people marching in support of the opposition. The protests have also sparked brutal clashes with pro-government law enforcement forces that have been condemned by the international community and have led to the imposition of sanctions.

In their ruling, the Supreme Court reportedly stated that they decided to “deny initiating criminal proceedings over Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s complaint against the decision of the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Belarus,” and added that their “decision is not subject to appeal or protest.” The court also denied similar complaints filed by two other prominent candidates in the 2020 election, Anna Kanopatskaya and Andrey Dmitriyev.

The impact of the court’s ruling remains unclear as protests calling for the removal of Lukashenko have continued throughout the country.