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Trump administration imposes new sanctions on Syria
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Trump administration imposes new sanctions on Syria

The US Departments of Treasury and State announced Wednesday that the Trump administration was imposing new sanctions on individuals and entities supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

These actions were taken both under the Caesar Act and Executive Orders 13894, 13582 and 13573. According to the press release, the sanctions are intended to “hold the murderous Assad regime accountable” and send a message that no one should do business with the regime.

The press release stated that the sanctions are not directed at the Syrian people. The sanctions are meant to target regime-loyalists, Syrian financiers and individuals actively involved in the ceasefire disruption.

The Press Secretary stated:

Since the 2011 start to the Syrian conflict, the Assad regime has committed innumerable atrocities against Syrians, including arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence, and murder.  These despicable acts have devastated the country’s people, infrastructure, and economy, displacing more than half of Syria’s population. Today’s designations send a clear message that no individual or business should enter into business with or otherwise enrich such a vile regime.